NFT Art Fund

First DAO-based art fund in Asia

Joining forces with BCA Network, Zonff Partners launched VulcanDAO with an aim to support promising artists and collect high-quality crypto art.

The collection features Dabeiyuzhou, a leading artist in Oriental Cyber Buddhism; Kenny Scharf, top American graffiti artist in the 80s; and Crypto Punk #1961 acquired for 100 ETH. DAO members can pool resources, submit proposals, and refine investment decision-making and DAO governance ecosystem to turn Vulcan into Asia’s top-tier NFT-focused fund that enables its members to share prosperity and development in an emerging NFT economy. As a large-scale social experiment that pools core resources in crypto and arts, Vulcan brings together a multitude of crossover influential people to reshape the power structure of the art market, promote economic innovations for creators, and jointly define the future of art world.