Asset Management

Multi-asset, Multi-strategy, Cross-market, and Globalization

Zonff Partners adopts multi-asset, multi-strategy, cross-market, and globalized asset management strategies to bring alpha for our investors. Our crypto-asset management business includes subjective trading, quantitative trading, and market-making services.

✦ Subjective Trading
Our underlying investments include A-shares (including ETFs and convertibles), Hong Kong and US stocks, commodity futures, cryptoassets and cryptoassets derivatives, and more. Our investment strategy cycle covers both intra-day trading as well as inter-day low-frequency trading, and combines economies of scale and ecological advantages to generate significant excess returns for institutions as well as investors.
✦ Quantitative Trading
The quantitative investment team uses scientific methods to price and invest in assets by mining, analysing, and understanding data through data neural networks. The quantitative strategies mainly include the multi-factor alpha neutral strategy, the CTA strategy, the U/BTC/ETH native hybrid arbitrage strategy, etc., which provide clients with reliable asset management services and generate solid returns.
✦ Market Making Service
We maintain close relationships with the major trading platforms, providing liquidity and helping to optimise the construction of technical facilities.