Equity & Alternative Investment

With capital and resource commitment, we go hand in hand with our investees to bring about commercial innovation and technological revolution.




We believe extraordinary companies survive the troughs, climb the peaks and shape the world of tomorrow. To facilitate it, we build a "multi-strategy" and "all-weather" fund, which allows us to employee flexible and long-term approaches to fund companies, not only by traditional financial instruments, i.e. private equity and M&A, but also by early-stage tokens.

We are driven by the tide of technological change and we are born for entrepreneurship. We are witnessing the culmination of technology iteration for human development and we are born for entrepreneurs. We work with entrepreneurs to explore the frontiers of technology and business. We help companies grow together in the fields of cutting-edge technology, healthcare, consumer industries, and enterprise services, etc. We believe the power of innovation and technology is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the development of society.

In crypto we believe, and we are playing the long game. We invest in all crypto-related fields, including infrastructure, layer 1s, DeFi, NFTs, gaming, DAOs, Web3 apps, decentralized social networks, etc. We also allocate assets in other sectors spanning the blockchain ecosystem including quantitative hedge fund, hash rate fund and NFT art fund (VulcanDAO). Beyond investment, our day-to-day work also revolves around portfolio development. Engaged with top-tier DAOs and developer communities as well as partnering with entrepreneurs, we leverage our resource in strategy, marketing, recruitment, legal, etc., to create a sustainable industry ecosystem.